About Aux Amateurs de Livres

AMALIVRE is the fruit of the merger of Aux Amateurs de Livres International and the Librairie internationale Touzot.


Founded just before the Second World War, both bookshops started out specializing in selling rare and antiquarian books to libraries and private clients. Very soon after they began to turn to the sale of new French and francophone books to university libraries, research centers and museums throughout the world. These long-standing ties with university libraries (...)



Join us in Charleston!

Amalivre will be in Charleston once again for the conference from Nov 6-9, and we’d love to talk to you while you’re there. While we are not participating in the Vendor Showcase, we will be attending sessions and meeting with librarians from late Tuesday through Friday morning. Please contact Robert Robbins at robbins@together.net if you’d like to schedule a meeting during the conference.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez le site : http://www.livreparis.com/

 Charleston Conference 2018