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62, avenue de Suffren
75015 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 45 67 18 38
Fax : 33 (0)1 45 66 50 70
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Gilles de La Rochefoucauld

Anne de La Rochefoucauld
Vice President

Anne-Sophie Annino
Assistant, in charge of the Purchasing department and Antiquariat materials

Lionel Chaumontet
Vice President for Administration

Services for Libraries

Zrinka Miladin
Customer Relations
Robert Robbins
North American Representative

Please send emailed orders, as well as order claims and queries, to :

Services for Bookshops
Perrine Gaultier

Monographic Standing Orders
Grit Schoenfelder
Serials and Subscriptions

Guita Samiinia
Questions and claims about periodicals
Publisher Order Service

Laurence Cocagnac,
Catherine Thirot,
Dominique Mollard,
Sylvia de La Rochefoucauld

Publishers may contact Laurence Cocagnac for all questions or information concerning our orders.
Bibliographic Services – New Publications and Publisher shipments

Nathalie Mias,
Richard Carbonnier,
Françoise Guyot

Publishers may contact Nathalie Mias for all automatic shipments.
Please send all information on new publications to :
Cataloging Service – Shelf-ready services – Tables of contents

Jean-Pierre Henry

Aurélie Gadrat,
Siga Ndong,
Agata Golebiewska,
Marine Bernard,
Sophie Régnier

Nelly Monsinjon,
Christophe Poupinel


For all requests for information about these services, MARC full cataloging record files or other questions, please contact Jean-Pierre Henry.

Invoicing and shipping

Coralie Gomel,
Michel Munoz,
Johann Capel,
Vincent Guéry

Coralie Gomel is your primary contact for all questions regarding AMALIVRE invoices, requests for statement or invoice copies, payment methods and shipments.
Supplier accounts payable

Nadir Ait-Mansour,
Mehdy Marotel