AMALIVRE is the fruit of the merger of Aux Amateurs de Livres International and the Librairie internationale Touzot.

Founded just before the Second World War, both bookshops started out specializing in selling rare and antiquarian books to libraries and private clients. Very soon after they began to turn to the sale of new French and francophone books to university libraries, research centers and museums throughout the world. These long-standing ties with university libraries, most notably in North America, have led Aux Amateurs de Livres and the Librairie Internationale Touzot to undertake ambitious investments to respond to the rapid evolution of libraries, especially in the exchange of data, MARC cataloging, the physical treatment of books, and all the other bibliographic services necessary to a successful acquisitions program.

The Librairie internationale Touzot and the Librairie Aux Amateurs de livres International joined forces in 2012. The merger of their databases and the creation of unified information system became effective July 1, 2014. At this point, we adopted the corporate and commercial name of AMALIVRE.

Situated in the heart of Paris, staffed by a team of nearly 35 multilingual, professional and motivated colleagues, and boasting contacts with more than 7,000 French and francophone publishers AMALIVRE supplies libraries worldwide with titles in all formats (books, DVDs, periodicals, e-books...) through a variety of acquisition models (firm orders, standing orders, approval plans, subscriptions).

AMALIVRE is is able to offer a range of services using the latest technology in the field: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for orders or invoices, cataloging records in the MARC21 format, digitized tables of contents and covers, shelf-ready books, and a website designed for convenience in selecting titles, ordering, viewing account information and keeping track of order status.

With a profound knowledge of French and francophone publishing at its disposal, AMALIVRE offers its services to booksellers worldwide that share the same passion for the diffusion of the French language and of francophone publications.