Expedited remittance programs

Due to the continued increase in cost for processing bank checks, both for the library and vendor, AMALIVRE accepts several other payment options. We are happy to work with our customers to establish the remittance procedures which work best for their account(s).

Options for payment of invoices include the following :

  1. Deposit account : Discounts for Deposit Account payments are provided by way of a credit applied to the Deposit Account when it is established. Deposit accounting is maintained in the currency of customer's invoicing and monthly statements are provided. If for any reason it is necessary for the library to cancel a deposit account, once the applicable invoices have been deducted, the remaining balance of the deposited amount will be refunded. Contact us for current rates of discount which apply to deposits for either twelve month or six-month deposit accounts.
  2. Credit card payments : The Credit Card authorization may be retained on file for automatic payment of invoices when issued or the library may authorize credit card billing for specific invoices/orders.
  3. Bank transfer (Electronic Funds Transfer) : Our staff is prepared to provide the required bank routing information to facillitate bank electronic funds transfer.


Please contact us with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the remittance process for AMALIVRE's invoices

Anne-Sophie Annino : anne-sophie@amalivre.fr