Firm Orders

For over more than 70 years, AMALIVRE has been supplying French monographs in all formats to academic, research and public Libraries throughout the world.

We have established over many years a list of publishers that reflects our customer base. It is a list that is constantly expanding, from large publishing groups to local associations and authors.

Central to our expertise are books and periodicals published in France and other French speaking countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean :

Our online database is an ever-expanding source of hundreds of thousands titles for selectors to search, select and order from.

It is also an efficient tool to review the status of your orders, to claim titles, to make statistics out of your ordering activity.

To have all the necessary details on your web account and our online database, please visit our Web and Edi services.

Minimal-level Acquisition Records (MINAR) can be obtained free of charge prior to any ordering, once orders have been submitted, or at the time of shipping/billing.

AMALIVRE is also happy to supply Full Cataloging Records (FCR), Book servicing and Table of Contents (TOC) to an increasing number of Libraries.


For further information, please contact Zrinka Miladin: