WEB & EDI Services


AMALIVRE maintains a current database of over 400,000 titles, adding more than 12,000 new titles annually.

Libraries may easily access their online account and our database via our website, thanks to their login and passwords.

If you would like to receive confirmation of your identification information or request an Account for your Library, please contact : christele@amalivre.fr


WEB ordering

Ordering via our website allows for :


EDI ordering

To simplify ordering and speed up delivery, AMALIVRE offers EDI services :

To process EDI orders and invoices, AMALIVRE's software is compatible with the following Library systems :

The formats available are Edifact, Bisac, X12, Tradacom...

We will be happy to work with any other system or software upon request.


For any information or help with online ordering, please do not hesitate to contact Christèle Giboire : christele@amalivre.fr